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The Fayetteville Ft. Bragg Judo club strives to not only teach students the physical skills of judo, but its philosophy and traditions as well. Judo is a lifetime pursuit with strong cultural roots. The sport teaches respect for others, self control, and self reliance, as well as conditioning and self defense.

Judo is a sport and a martial art. It is a physical and mental discipline that can be practiced and perfected over a lifetime. It was introduced as an Olympic Sport in 1964. Students pursue judo as a recreational sport, for conditioning, for self defense, and to compete. Whatever the reason for participating, our students develop self confidence and skills that are assets in other areas of their lives.
Our club membership includes recreational and competitive students of all ages. Many of our students compete and Win in regional, national, and international competitions. Many of our students come to us from other martial arts to learn judo throwing and ground work methods. Our club membership includes an active military group, also.
Our coaches bring a wealth of experience and training to our club. Our Sensei trained in Japan and is an International Judo Coach with over 50 years experience. Many of his Students have successfully placed in national and international competitions, and over 60 of his students have attained the rank of black belt. Our senior coach is one of only six nationally ranked referees in North Carolina; allowing our club to be one of the few that also offers students the opportunity to attain local and regional referee certifications. Our military judo instructors bring experiences and training from throughout the world expanding students’ exposure to a variety of techniques.
Membership fees are affordable thanks to the Fayetteville Police Department and our volunteer coaches. The Police Department allows us to use the Police Training Facility for instruction and classes. Our coaches volunteer immeasurable hours teaching and working with students. The only compensation they need is the reward of knowing Fayetteville Ft. Bragg Judo Club members are more knowledgeable, more skilled and more confident.

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Monday & Wednesday

Junior Class - 6pm to 7pm
Senior Class - 7pm to 8:30pm



Class time announced on Thursday night

We would like to thank at 3800 Bragg Boulevard
for providing us with storage for our tournament mats

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Kiwanis Recreation Center

352 Devers St

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Mindy Quinby

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