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Promotions for 2013 

Name Grade Date


Samantha Peverley 2nd Yellow October

Damon Bruggert 1st Yellow October

Carter Hicks 1st Yellow October

J. Yoshino Melton 1st Yellow October


Carly Grace Beal 3rd Yellow November

Jacob Beal 3rd Yellow November

Brandon Casiple 1st Yellow November

Lance Casiple 1st Yellow November

Elizabeth Remily 1st Yellow November

Erin Riley 1st Yellow November





Promotions for 2012 

Name Grade Date

Ishmael P. McGinty Ik-Kyu January 01 

David Turner Go-kyu January

Patrick Hickam Ik-kyu  February


Promotions for 2011

Name Grade Date

Timofey Boykov 20th Blue January 24

Ethan A. 1st Yellow March 30

James L. 2nd Yellow April 06 

Ashe M. 3rd Yellow May 09

Michael M. 2nd Yellow May 09

Brynna M. 4th Yellow May 18

Jonah R. 4th Yellow May 18

Benjamin S. 1st Yellow June 06

Daniel S. 1st Yellow June 06

Bayard F. 1st Yellow June 06

Jerald B. 1st Yellow June 06

Bobby D. 5th Orange June 15

Veronica D. 5th Orange June 15

Thomas F. 1st Yellow June 15 



USJA/USJF 2011 Junior Championship winners

Tournament Summary: 

Gold = 5
- Tim Boykov

- Ishmael McGinty

- Cole Freeman 

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